The Eyes of Equality

Together to Empower is looking to build a collection of stories, pictures, and quotes within the global community through our blog, The Eyes of Equality. There is so much that we can learn from each, unique experience to better understand the definitions of social equality as a world. We want to open doors to new perspectives and break down steorotypical views of feminism, but we need your help!
Help us in our movement towards empowering girls and inspiring ideas of society equality by sending us a picture of something that represents feminism to you. It can be quotes, articles, poems, drawings, stories or anything else! We want to see equality through YOUR eyes. With your input, we can build a brighter future for our global society, together. 
The Eyes of Equality will also feature updates and more info from the events organized by TTE. Take a look!
To submit your photos, please either message the Facebook page or email us at [email protected] Anonymous submissions will be gladly accepted.