Since 2015, Together to Empower has organized events to promote awareness and raise funds for programs in underdeveloped areas. From local sales to global partnerships, we have been able to spread our mission and empower girls & women around the world! 
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Event dates & times will be posted on our social medias (Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!) We hope to see you at our future events, and we thank you for all of your support!
  1. Together for Uganda
    Together for Uganda
    TTE is working with Bead for Life to sell handmade, bead jewelry and support poverty eradication programs in Africa, such as entrepreneurial trainings. (March 15, 2016 - May 31, 2016) & (Dec 2016 - Present) So far, 2 women in Uganda have the opportunities to set-up their own businesses because of TTE! Above is a picture of a variety of the bead jewelry made by women in Uganda, Africa. *Photo courtesy of BeadforLife.
  2. Together for Orchid
    Together for Orchid
    The Orchid Project executes programs in various African nations to end the procedure of female genital mutilation through a non-directive, human rights led education approach. TTE has demonstrated our support to the Orchid Project's cause through our fundraising and efforts and donations, as our organization strongly believes that the practice of FGM should be completely abandoned. *Photo courtesy of Orchid Project
  3. Together for Guisela
    Together for Guisela
    TTE partnered with Safe Passage to raise funds for girls to actively enroll in school and receive their education in the dump city of Guatemala. (August 3, 2015 - Present) So far, Guisela has over two years of education because of TTE! One of the girls we are helping is named Guisela. She is the girl shown in the picture above. *Photo courtesy of Safe Passage.
  4. Together for Solar Sisters
    Together for Solar Sisters
    Solar Sister aims to empower women economically in local African communities by creating sustainable businesses to provide entrepreneurship opportunities for women. Our donations to Solar Sister will allow the organization to mentor, train, and support women who are bringing clean energy to their communities. * Photo courtesy of Solar Sisters
  1. Together for Mali
    Together for Mali
    Medicine for Mali is an organization that provides programs to ameliorate the standard of health, economics, and education of women and children in Mali. TTE has contributed to two of Medicine For Mali's programs regarding micro-finance loans and public health. TTE's contributions have endorsed animal husbandry initiatives and health training sessions that increase awareness about ways to prevent childhood deaths *Photo courtesy of MFM
  2. Together for Maasai Girls
    Together for Maasai Girls
    Maasai Girls Education Fund is an organization that aims to educate Maasai women by providing educational workshops and academic scholarships to improve the health, literacy, and economic well-being of Masaai women. TTE has sponsored one of the girls participating in an MGEF program. Her name is Emily (in the photo above). Refusing to undergo FGM, Emily was exiled from her family, but has found the support from MGEF to pursue her academic studdies. *Photo courtesy of MGEF
  3. Together for Girl Rising
    Together for Girl Rising
    TTE Clubs spent the last few meetings of the school year 2015-16 watching the documentary, "Girl Rising". It features moving, personal scenes and a powerful message. We hope to plan a larger event to share this beautiful documentary with the community.