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?What is ​​​Together to Empower
We are a youth-led, international 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering 
​girls and women around the world. We have established chapters in Santa Barbara, California; Montvale, New Jersey; Groton, Massachusetts; and Vancouver, Canada. Our team is comprised of girls and boys. We believe in the fact that everyone has the potential to change the world. After all, our world will only get stronger with girls and boys in the lead, together.
That's why we are called Together to Empower. 

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Recent News

National Recognition 
May 2018
Founder & President Michelle Qin was selected as one of America's Top 10 Youth Volunteers by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards! She was congratulated by Prudential's CEO John Strangfeld, Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn, Miss America 2018 Cara Mund, and other inspiring change-makers.
Click here for an article with more info. 

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Upcoming Projects

"What is a Woman?" Book - Selling Now!

Click Here to Purchase

​                                                                                                             All profits go to Together to Empower.


Click here to read Woody Woodburn's article "What is a Mom? Book Illustrates Poetically" about our book!

Review by Woody Woodburn, Ventura County Star:            
            "What a book! That is my reaction after perusing through “What Is A Woman?” by Together To Empower.
            From the front cover featuring the vibrant painting titled “Crescendo” by Cheryl Braganza to the back cover with her joyous-and-powerful painting “Women of the World Unite”, the pages between are meant to be viewed and savored as well as read.
            Indeed, the combination of emotional poetry and short essays with amazing artwork makes “What Is A Woman?” special. It is like having an art museum’s special exhibit right at your fingertips.
            To be sure, the artwork is captivating: color paintings to black-and-white photos, realism to abstract. Furthermore, the art—and writing, too—is arranged with deep thought, thus affording a powerful effect. For example, Lea Basile-Lazarus’s “The Silent Voice” showing a white silhouette of a woman with her fist raised in a crowd appears beside Jennifer Casselberry’s vivid portrait titled “Protest” of a solo woman with her arm also lifted high.
            Another taste: Photographs of sculptures titled “Lotus” and “Tree” by Francine Kirsch, featuring two woman in yoga poses, appear next to the portrait “Dancer: Strong is the New Pretty” by Kate T. Parker.
            Poetry highlights this strength-and-beauty theme on other pages, such as a work from Noël Russel that begins, “I am here because my mother dreamed that I could be” and, after describing an immigrant parent’s difficult life, concludes: “I am here because of a dreamer.”
            It is difficult to imagine this project was thought up by, compiled by, and brought to life by young women who are still in high school. They, and this project supporting their non-profit organization Together To Empower, is evidence the future is already in good hands today. I urge you to buy this book – better yet, buy two copies and give one as a gift of friendship to someone you know.
            The real gift of this book is in showing what it means to be a female an in today’s world, around the world. These pages teach us—through the words and paintbrushes, sculptures and camera lenses, eyes and voices of empowered girls in elementary school through women of international fame—about true beauty, true strength, true feminism.
            If you are a girl or woman—or if you are a man or boy with a sister or daughter, wife or mother, niece or female friend—this book is for you.
            “What Is A Woman?” provides some uplifting answers."

We organized another summer coding camp for girls in July 2018!

As our second year holding the camp, we had 30 students and 17 sponsors
- it was a big success!

Check out the video that we made during the camp on the right.
Learn more about the camp here .

September 2017
1st Meeting of the Year! We had a great turn-out. So excited to start off the new school year with 100+ members in our chapters in California, Canada, and (recently established) New Jersey! 

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Computer Science Summer 2017 Program for Girls
We were featured on Noozhawk! Click here.

We were featured on Santa Barbara Independent News! Click here .

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1st picture: Student (grade 5) creates an interactive project to share important facts about women's rights. 

Mayor of Santa Barbara Recognizes Together to Empower

The Mayor of Santa Barbara recognized Together to Empower at the Downtown 50th Anniversary Gala in front of business and industry owners, philanthropists, and city council members. 

Picture to the left is Michelle Qin, Founder of Together to Empower, standing with Mayor Helene Schneider, Parks & Recreation City Council Member, and family members. 


    ​  ​​​adolescent girls are mistreated, the "left-overs" from global efforts,

We need your help. Stand with us to tackle this global crisis and make one step forward to our dream of a united world. ​​​Together, we empower.


  1. New Jersey

    Our team expanded with a recent established branch at a high school in New Jersey in 2017. All branches collaborate on different and mutual projects. This way, we can broaden our outreach and impact while fostering youth leadership across the nation. 
  2. Albania

    In August 2018, we partnered with the Association of Albanian Girls and Women (AAGW) to empower former victims of trafficking in Albania by helping to provide job training, handicraft production programs, and leadership experiences. 
  3. California

    Our headquarter team is located in a high school in California where we actively exercise and foster youth leadership through bi-weekly meetings and hosting interactive evnts. 
  4. Canada

    We became an international organization by successfully establishing a branch at a high school in Vancouver, Canada in 2016. We hope that through our journey, we can continue to inspire girls while fostering youth leadership. 
  5. Uganda

    We collaborated with BeadforLife to sell handmade bead
    jewelry on behalf of Ugandan women living in poverty. Our support has enabled four women to enroll in poverty eradication programs and set-up their own businesses.
  6. California

    We partnered with the National Center for Women and IT to organize 2 summer coding camps for girls in grades 5-9. The program was designed to teach young girls the fundamentals of computer science and how to apply their knowledge to create an impactful project. 
  7. Guatemala

    We partnered with Safe Passage to help Guisela, a young girl living in Guatemala's largest dump city (La Antigua), go to school for 3 years and counting. This was Together to Empower's first initiative. 

What the Community Says

Financial Director
California Club Historian
​California Club Ambassador
"I enjoyed the whole process of funding [Guisela's] education because instead of just donating money, we actually got to send letters to her, and it just felt very personal ... ​​​​​It's amazing doing something as simple as a bake sale can help out a person so much
"For me, it was that moment when ​​I realized that there was a real person who was benefiting from our work and we were that much closer to achieving what Together to Empower stands for"​
"[When Guisela sent us a thank-you letter] it was touching to see her ​​little-girl handwriting and read her sweet words. By participating in this club, I know I am helping a good cause.
Our Sponsors & Partners
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